Round 2, 2nd year at LMU-CVM

I will be embarking in a few more weeks, my trek back to Tennessee to start my 2nd professional yr at Lincoln Memorial University – College of Veterinary Medicine.

Does it still seem intimidating?  YES!   The good new is I know the lay of the land so to speak and have that first yr of schooling under my belt.   That does by know means it gets any easier?  Heck no!  Different challenges, courses, skill testing awaits and is lurking around the bend of fall semester 2015 and spring semester 2016.

Same stress level  if not more,  skill levels to continue building upon and not as much leniency because we are not first yr students anymore. The stakes continue to get higher and it will eventually be show time as we approach clinical rotations and eventually simulate into the community.

I am thankful and grateful I have a good group of fellow future veterinarians to study with and can share the highs and lows of vet school. You have to have support that’s for sure!!!  Vet school is a team effort!  and is doable  you just have to keep your eye on the prize and never give up.

We have had the fortunate  and unique opportunity to be members of the inaugural class of 2018 at LMU and we are probably a little spoiled by that title.   We do however welcome the next incoming class of 2019 and wish them as much success as we have had.   We have been able to get the inside scoop  and can pass along advice, comfort and perspective to those who follow us.

It is always bittersweet to have to leave my family aka.. my husband who has been my rock of support and my dog Lilly who I miss dearly when I am gone.  The good news is that time seems to go by pretty fast and now there is the ability to Skype or video conference which helps with some of the homesickness.

I do have great roommates which I am thankful for so we can all wallow in our pity pots from time to time..

But the best thing is that I can call myself a 2nd yr student and am a quarter or more so closer to getting that coveted DVM degree!.


25% of the way there!

Well I did it. Who would have thought. It wasn’t easy to say the least but anything that’s worth doing never is. “Nobody said it was going to be a walk in the park”.

What am I referring to ? Well I managed to complete my first year as a vet student at Lincoln Memorial University College of Veterinary Medicine, inaugural class of 2018.

With the help of incredible study buddies, roommates and support of my husband and family, I “gotter dun”!

Courses were challenging, stressful to say the least. I learned some new suture skills and examination checkpoints. We are developing our clinical skills every semester and building a good foundation for physical examinations with our future clients to be aka horses, bovine, caprine,ovine! So much information so little room in the head to absorb it all.  But surprisingly you know more than you think you know…

I am soon off to a Costa Rican/Nicaragua adventure in a veterinary outreach volunteer program. That should be interesting, challenging and very educational all in one.  It will be very rewarding to know our group is providing some much needed veterinary care In areas that are extremely pressed  for  affordable veterinary services. Will post some pictures of that experience to share…


Our White Coat Ceremony at LMU-CVM

It was a very momentous afternoon for all the members of the inaugural class of 2018 at LMU-CVM.  We were honored with white lab coats signifying our passage into the study of veterinary medicine. It was a honor to be amongst this group of fine future veterinarians.  We have all worked so hard to get to this point.  We have been selected from over 1000 applicants in the admission process. The faculty of LMU-CVM believes in our ability to carry out this discipline and we will not let them down.

This time honored event has only happened but 30 times in the history of veterinary schools and each and every one of us is making history.  We will be the one and only inaugural class at LMU-CVM  for 2018, so we have to savor every minute of our experiences during our stay at this fine institution.

Monday the real hard work starts but I feel we are up to the challenge!



Book of life page 1 Veterinary School at LMU-CVM

Today is the last day of orientation in our vet school preparation.  We’ll start off with a group breakfast followed by some ice-breaking -team building, classmate bonding.   We are very fortunate because a lot of our inaugural class has bonded just wonderfully.

The highlight of the day will be our White Coat Ceremony where we will take out oath  in the profession of Veterinary Medicine with some of our loved ones by our sides. This has been a long time in the making.  Years of preparation to get to this point , several yrs of hard work challenging work ahead but ones we welcome with open arms. We have been given a wonderful opportunity and we all are grateful and honored to be a part of this inaugural class of LMU-CVM.

Stay tuned for many tears, frustrations, accomplishments, and memories to come.



New Year, New Chapter in the Book of Life!

It will be interesting to see all the opportunities that 2014 can bring.  2014  marks the beginning of a new career change for myself.

I have been a  practicing pharmacist since I obtained my pharmacy license in 1999.  While I was in my last year of pharmacy school I went to a open house at UGA Veterinary school and had one of those “a ha” moments, a true epiphany!  But I had to finish what I had started so I obtained my pharmacy license and put my real passions on the back burner for a while.   Finally, after not being satisfied in my current career, I boldly decided I had to take the chance and pursue my ultimate passion of becoming a large animal veterinarian.

I was bite by the horse bug later on in life.  Nothing would please me more than to become a equine veterinarian or working in a mixed practice of small and large animals…  Emphasis on the large animals!   It is at this time in my life that I am not willing to compromise my veterinary goals and must pursue all the opportunities that may present themselves.. I will be starting veterinary school in Tennessee in August of 2014.  I have been fortunate to have been offered a seat in the inaugural class at Lincoln Memorial University.  Its exciting, and scary at the same time.  A door has opened up for me and I intend to walk through it and keep on going.  Stay tuned 2014……